With Thanksgiving upon on us I want to highlight gratitude and thankfulness this week.  One of my customer’s mother’s sent me a beautiful thank you card a few weeks ago.

Their wedding was in August and I’d so enjoyed working with them. The wedding was planned by Danielle Copelli owner of latelier Weddings & Events. They ordered a dessert bar-cupcakes, cake, cookies, and cake pops styled and designed rustically.  Their banana wedding cake was topped with birch ski poles to highlight the bride and groom’s love for the outdoors.

It’s not often you meet people that display such kindness and generosity.  I was touched and incredibly surprised to receive this act of kindness and thanks.         Many people have thanked me for my kindness both personally and professionally.  I pride myself in thinking of others and displaying kindness  as it is so important, especially these days.

I challenge you today to do something kind.  The person will be sure to thank you. And it will make a positive impact on their lives, even more than you may ever realize.  Let’s spread kindness always!



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